Smoke Ventilation

ADS commissioned our first project in Ireland at IKEA in Dublin. ADS were involved from early in the design phase of the project; our knowledge and experience of installations within other IKEA stores / warehouses was used to engineer the cost and provide a suitable system.

The new IKEA store required a full smoke ventilation system to five separate areas within the store, totalling 73 separate ventilators. The Market hall area required a powered extract system including 10 duct runs with grilles, extract fans and external louvres, replacement air was provided through openable wall louvres. The second area is the show room and café; these areas were naturally ventilated by louvred ventilators and split into zones using a fixed smoke curtain. The self serve warehouse and checkout area was also naturally ventilated using louvred ventilators and fixed smoke curtains. The last areas to be ventilated were the escape stair cases, these areas included louvred ventilators at the head of the stairs and a local control panel with an emergency break glass.

Within these works we have had to include for three separate main control panels, all electrical wiring run in fire protected cable, local control panels with emergency break glasses, rain sensors, polycarbonate blades on louvred ventilators to allow natural light, roof access hatches, head of lift shaft cowls and mimic control panel linking all smoke ventilation zones.

Due to the success of the IKEA Dublin store, there was a requirement within a year of opening to extend the warehouse area. ADS were awarded the sub-contrat to extend our system into the new space and link back to the existing control system. In total we installed an additional 14 No. ventilators into the warehouse roof, walls and at the head of the two additional emergency staircases.


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