Smoke Ventilation

ADS completed a rigorous pre-qualification process followed by a detailed online tender and were successful in our bid for the smoke ventilation systems at the IBC & MPC Buildings at the above site in Stratford.

The complex includes both the International Broadcasting Centre (IBC) and the Media Press Centre (MPC) and was a hive of activity during the games. ADS provide the ventilation louvres to the external façade through the cladding contractor and we provided the smoke ventilation systems to the main street within the IBC along with over 20 stair-core ventilation systems to both buildings.

Our roof & wall mounted Open Sky louvred ventilators are used to provide 1.0 & 1.5m2 free area at the head of the stair-cores and we also provided our Skyvent ‘flap’ ventilators to ventilate specific areas. Within the main street of the IBC, ADS provided a powered smoke ventilation system that also was used as a fume extract system for the vehicles that were entering and exiting the huge complex.


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