Architectural Louvres

The primary function of a louvre is to provide terminal ventilation to a building taking into consideration air flow, weathering and aesthetics. The main types of system that we can offer are.

  • Fixed blade
  • Screening
  • Adjustable
  • High performance weather
  • Acoustic
  • Turrets/Housings
  • Linear bar grilles
  • Sand trap
  • Security
  • Glazing

Please find below details from a selection of our most commonly used louvre systems:

  1. Small Format Louvres

    50/38EXL Panel Louvre:

    ADS 50EXL

    Manufactured from extruded aluminium sections to VS 1474:1987 Grade 6063-T5. These louvre systems are manufactured within a wall-box housing which allows neat and accurate fixing through the wall-box perimeter into the sides of each opening. Multi height panels can be constructed connecting each wallbox together, utilising suitable engineering screws. This system comes in both 38 & 50mm blade pitches and can be assembled as glaze in panels to suit any glazing application.
  2. Continuous Louvres

    75EXL Louvre:

    Manufactured from extruded aluminium sections to BS 1474:1987 Grade 6063-TS. Blades mounted on nylon 66 twist lock support brackets, mounted on a 3mm thick mill finish aluminium mullion system. Blades on 75mm centres and inclined at 45 degrees. the system provides 'Class B' weathering and 50% free area.

  1. High Performance Louvres

    75HPG Louvre:

    The KW75 HPG high-performance louvre blade combines low airflow resistance with maximum weather exclusion. Following exhaustive development work and independent testing, we can offer one of the best-performing single-bank louvre systems on the market. Louvres provide high rainwater rejection combined with high airflow rate up to A2 performance classification, assured by independent testing by BSRIA. This represents a better performance than most double-bank systems, achieved at a lower cost and within a smaller depth of opening. The registered design is aesthetically pleasing and the gutter profile avoids the cascade effect. Louvre blades and mullions are extruded aluminium grade 6063 T6 to BS 1474. Flashings or frames are folded aluminium.

    L.066V Louvre:

    Extruded aluminium V-shape profile with a 66 mm pitch. For applications requiring restricted access, such as in high voltage units, or visual screen and high water-resistance.
    Manufactured from Aluminium extrusion, alloy EN AW 6063 T66. Blades are supported using Single blade supports: type L.066.11 & Double blade support for thermal expansion: L.066.12 (connecting piece for 2 blades).

    L.050W Louvre:

    The L.050W is an aesthetically elegant high performance louvre. The system consists of water-resistant 50mm pitch blades which have been tested up to 3.0 m/s according to HEVAC class A2. They are easy to install and barely visible, thanks to being clip mounted to blade supports which accompany the system. Other unique features of this system include excellent air flow, a good physical free area and the blade’s large unsupported span between two mullions. The system uses aluminium extrusion, alloy EN AW-6063 T66.

  1. Screening

    100SL Louvre:

    The 100SL is an extruded aluminium continuous appearance louvre blade that is primarily used for screening purposes but can be either site or factory assembled into bespoke louvre panels.
    Profile: Extruded aluminium (EN AW – 6063 T6) Extruded aluminium profiles are pre-treated prior to polyester powder coating being applied or Anodised. Louvres are arranged at a 100mm blade pitch on aluminium clips and supporting mullions to suit height span. Supplied in modular form or breakdown format.

    L.065AL Louvre:

    Light duty roll-formed profile from aluminium coil with pitch 65 mm with conventional weathering. To be used for screening purposes and where an entry level product is desired. Mounted in a soft flowing appearance. Fixed to mullions using clip in system to provide a continuous appearance.

  1. Acoustic

    Type R:

    Rugged all-steel galvanised construction. Stainless steel, aluminium and other materials also available. Inert, vermin-proof, weather rated, non-combustible acoustic fill. Aerofoil shaped splitter blade (type R and LP) for maximum noise reduction with minimum pressure drop. Perforated splitter underside for maximum sound absorption. Weather stop inhibits rain/snow entry. Available in a variety of depths, in both single and double banked versions. Available in a variety of durable, attractive finishes, Roof top plant, screen Model 'R' Noishield Louvre Model 'R' louvres with matching access doors e.g. vinyl coated steel, polyester powder paint, mill finish aluminium, Syntha Pulvin, galvanized and stainless steel. Modular sizes enable assembly of rectilinear louvre "walls" of almost any size. Louvre blade orientation blocks horizontal line of site, enhancing both aesthetics and acoustic performance.

    Type SL:

    The SL louvre is a multi-purpose louvre which permits the flow of air while shielding the environment from noise. SL louvres are available in four models (100, 150, 300 and 600mm nominal depth) and a complete range of standard modular sizes. This means they can satisfy a wide range of performance requirements, especially where space is limited and architectural standards of appearance must be met. Where access is required, SL louvres can be supplied as doorsets, for inclusion in louvre screens or as stand-alone units. Outer casings shall be made from 18 gauge (1.2 mm) galvanised steel. Louvre blades shall be made from 22 gauge (0.71 mm) galvanised steel. They shall be packed with inert, vermin and moisture proof mineral fibre and provide the acoustic performance.

All of our systems come in a range of finishes including Polyester powder coating to BS / RAL colours along with specialist metallic colours. We are also able to annodize our extruded systems to many finishes including the popular Unicol Anolok range and also standard silver / satin annodized finishes.

To the rear of each louvre system we can provide a range of meshes including aluminium, galvanised steel, stainless steel, security meshes and HDPE (plastic) meshes. We are also able to blank off the inactive areas of our louvres using a range of insulated & un-insulated blanking plates. These blanking plates can come in a range of finishes to suit any budget. For the insulated blanking plates we can offer a single (foil backed insulation) or a double skin aluminium / galvanised steel. We can powder coat the blanking panels to match the outer louvre 'or' we can provide a 'Plastisol' aluminium range to the nearest colour match to provide a cost saving. We are also able to offer fire board or acoustic blanking plates should the project require it.

Almost all of our systems can integrate single or double doorsets to allow access through the louvre screen. Our doors can come complete with butt or pivot hinges and a range of ironmongery to suit the project specifics. Most doors are able to fully integrate into the louvre system to give a continuous appearance so that there are no additional frames splitting the louvre into visible sections.

Mitred sections can be provided to provide a continuous appearance of the system. alternatively a full range of bespoke flashings can be provided to give the exact aesthetic appearance required.

Specialist brackets and flashings are manufactured to hold each system back to the stucture and provide a full perimeter weather seal with a choice of an EPDM or a mastic / silicone seal.

There are a range of support mullions / stiffeners available to span between structural fixing points. If required, ADS can increase the mullion sections to span up to 4.0m's in height. Generally, we request that secondary support steelwork is provided to reduce the spans so that a standard and more cost effective mullion can be utilised. These mullions are specced at specific centres to suit the local wind loadings (always checked by a specialist). 

Please note that this is only a small range of the most commonly used louvre systems that ADS offer. We have many more systems from numerous leading louvre manufacturers that we are able to offer to meet certain specifications.

For further information on how we can be of assistance to you & your business please contact us.

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