Environmental Ventilation

Allowing air to move throughout a building can create a more comfortable living and working environment promoting a healthy building concept.

  • Natural ventilation
  • Powered Ventilation
  • Passive ventilation
  • Door/Window Chain Actuators
  • Control Systems

ADS have developed a natural ventilation unit that comprises of an external weather louvre, internal damper in aluminium / uPVC and an internal cover grille. This unit also has the flexibility to include insulation, heating coils, acoustic silencers and fan boosters. 

Please find below examples of natural ventilation equipment that ADS generally supply and install.

  1. Wall Nat
    Vent Unit

    Comprising of an external weather louvre, an internal insulated damper and an internal cover grille all housed within a uPVC sleeve.

    The external weather louvre can be glazed into a glazing system or fixed direct into a wall and comes complete with an extruded aluminium frame, single banked blades set at 75 / 50mm pitch, bird / insect mesh to the rear and polyester powder coated to a standard RAL colour. The internal uPVC damper has insulated blades, a high thermal performance, little thermal conductivity (i.e. no cold bridging) and a modulated motor. The internal cover grille comes complete with a flanged frame for direct fixing into the sleeve or into an internal opening into the plasterboard.

  2. Roof Mounted Louvre Turret

    Our ventilation terminals are roof-mounted units, which combine high airflow capacity with low airflow resistance. They can be supplied with an optional integral boost fans. These units generally fix to curb up-stands, however can also fix direct to the roof system.

    The system comprises of extruded aluminium louvres (to suit the application), insect screening behind all louvres, insulated lid section and the texture and standard RAL colour to match roof covering. We also provide a fully lined / insulated sleeve, optional splitter plate, access panels, modulating insulated damper and optional cover grilles to suit the internal appearance (egg crate grilles / linear bar grilles/ multi directional diffusers, performated plates etc.)

  3. Roof-light / Atria Upstands

    Similar to our Wall Nat Vent unit; ADS can offer a unit that comprises of an external weather louvre, an insulated aluminium / uPVC damper and an internal cover grille.

    We can also offer the aluminium insulated damper as a finished external unit with a high free area louvre internally for screening of the ventilator. This option saves the requirement for either the cover grille or the external weather louvre. This system must be linked to a rain sensor to close the ventilator upon detection of rain when being used for natural ventilation.

    Weathered Natural Ventilator with internal screening louvre

    External louvre with insulated damper and internal cover grille.

ADS can offer the supply, installation and commissioning of the full system. We would generally run all cabling, containment, control panels, local switches, BMS interfaces and fully commission the system.

Please note that quite often, the atria roof-lights form part of a smoke ventilation strategy, therefore these ventilators may need to operate for smoke ventilation purposes also. We would therefore need to integrate some of the smoke ventilation equipment as natural ventilators to meet the criteria set out in EN.12101. Please see our smoke ventilation page for some of the smoke ventilation equipment that we can also use for natural ventilation purposes. 

Please note that this is only a small range of the most commonly used Natural Ventilation Systems that ADS offer. We have many more systems from numerous leading manufacturers that we are able to offer to meet certain specifications.

For further information on how we can be of assistance to you & your business please contact us.

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