The service of all ADS Ltd equipment is offered upon completion of a project, in the case of smoke ventilation where life safety is required it is vital. Upon a site inspection ADS can also offer a service & maintenance facility for existing systems:

  • Operation & Maintenance manuals
  • Maintenance
  • Emergency call out

ADS have directly employed service engineers that are available to provide a full service and maintenance agreement with each of our clients.

Since 2005/2006 the owner of a building is responsible for the safety within their premises. This is detailed in the RRO and states that 'a responsible person must ensure that equipment and devices are maintained in efficient working order and in good repair to safeguard the relevant persons within the building'.

The main regulations that ADS conform to are:

  • EN 12101
  • BS 9999
  • The Regulatory Reform Order 2005 
  • The Fire Act 2005 (Scotland)
  • BRE 368 (1999), Fire Safety Act 1987
  • BS7346 – 1990 Parts 1, 2 and 3
  • H&S Reg 6 – Mechanical Ventilation Systems
  • BS5588 – 1998 Smoke Ventilation
  • H&S 2169 – Pressure System Regulations
  • BS5588 – 1998 Part 4 for Pressurisation Systems
  • BSRIA Specification for Pressurisation Systems

Some of our current Service & Maintenance contracts include:

  • IKEA (Nationwide)
  • Echo 24 Apartments, Sunderland
  • HMP Prisons
  • North East Care Homes

For further information on how we can be of assistance to you & your business please contact us.


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